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Tech Notes

Tech Notes

The goal of SBCA Tech Notes is to clarify code issues and help educate the marketplace for structural building component manufacturers. Developed in partnership with SBCA chapters, Tech Notes address pertinent issues and offer position statements to some frequently asked questions that component manufacturers face on a daily basis. These peer reviewed documents address critical issues such as:

  • Continuous lateral bracing
  • Seals and Truss Placement Diagrams
  • Jobsite handling and installation

Click on a state below to see a list of all Tech Notes available for that area or use the search function at the bottom of the page. Contact SBCA staff with any questions or comments on the Tech Notes.

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*NATIONAL: Attachment of Residential Deck Ledger to Metal Plate Connected Wood Truss Floor System
*NATIONAL: Bracing Webs in Trusses that have Dissimilar Configurations
*NATIONAL: Changes in the 2007 Supplement to the 2006 International Building Code That Affect Component Manufacturers
*NATIONAL: Changes to the ICC Code Development Process for the 2009/2010 Code Cycle
*NATIONAL: Construction Loading
*NATIONAL: Details for Exterior Brick Masonry Veneer Supported by Metal Plate Connected Wood Trusses
*NATIONAL: Fire Performance of Phenol Resorcinol Based Finger-Jointed Structural Building Components
*NATIONAL: Gypsum Joint Ridging and Cracking
*NATIONAL: Heel Blocking
*NATIONAL: International Building Code/International Residential Code Inspection & Quality Assurance Requirements for Metal Plate Connected Wood Trusses
*NATIONAL: Lumber Shear-out at High Tension Truss Plate Connections: (TPI 1 Section 8.9 Net Section Lumber Check)
*NATIONAL: OSHA's Fire Service Features of Buildings: Commentary on an OSHA Publication Pertaining to Wood Trusses
*NATIONAL: Sprinkler Loads on Trusses
*NATIONAL: What Should Constitute a Truss Submittal Package?
*NATIONAL: Where Should Truss-to-Truss Girder Connection Information be Included?