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Membership Promotional Packages:

When staff receives an inquiry by telephone from an individual belonging to a company that manufacturers trusses or works in a business related to truss manufacture, they are invited to be added to the SBC mailing list, and a promotional package is sent to them. These contacts are maintained in the database for follow-up if applications are not received.

New Members:

Upon receiving a member application, the application and check are reviewed for accuracy. Top Chord points are awarded to the sponsoring member, if there is one. Company and financial data are updated in the database, as well as the accounting system. Dues payments are applied to the following twelve (12) months, beginning on the first (1st) of the next month.

A letter is sent to the company informing them their membership has been approved. Included with the letter are SBCA By-Laws, SBCA logo sheets, a Membership Directory, samples of several SBCA publications, order forms for SBCA products, and information on SBCA Chapters, SBCA educational programs and additional services. New component manufacturers also receive a pertinent CD on truss installation and bracing. The new member’s sponsor is notified as well. A plaque is ordered and sent to each new member. A list of new members is printed in each issue of SBC. Membership Renewal:

In mid May, dues invoices are sent to the membership. Included with the invoices are data verification forms, to verify any address changes, etc. Any changes will be entered into the database, as well as referral reports. Members may also update their company information online. Dues adjustments are made in the database to carry over any balances or credits from the previous year. If the member joined during the present year, they are invoiced only for the remaining months of the next year. (Thus, if companies join as of 10/03, their initial payment covers dues through 9/04. These companies are invoiced only for the amount from 10/04 through 6/04). This way, all members will be on the July-June cycle after their first year as members.

Any members who do not pay their dues by August 1 of the next year receive a second statement. Any members who do not pay their dues by September 1 are considered delinquent, and no longer members. They are informed of this by letter. At the Membership Committee’s direction, sponsors, Board members and/or staff contact delinquent companies.