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Membership Committee

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To advance the component industry through a united effort that can only be achieved by representing the entire industry through membership.

Membership Committee Roles & Responsibilities

  • Committee work that needs to be brought to the Board:
    • All industry policy changes. 
    • All new industry policies. 
  • Committee work that needs to be brought to the Treasurer: 
    • All committee activities that add a new committee task that has not been budgeted for in the current fiscal year. 
  • Additional cost will be reviewed and approved/denied by the Executive Committee.
  • Help bring forward ideas to assist in formulating or changing existing membership policy with the focus on membership growth and unity of purpose. 
    • Team up with/support staff to implement approved membership policy. 
    • Team up with/support staff to achieve membership goals and objectives. 
  • Work within SBCA Chapters to develop good membership communication and a strong grass roots organization that will help us serve all members better. 
  • Assist with updating SBCA component manufacturer non-member database. 
  • Help contact members and non-members to become more knowledgeable about SBCA. 
    • Encourage involvement with our association team (committees, chapters and staff) to provide perspective on industry projects. 
    • Provide staff feedback on calls and comments made to help refine membership committee strategies. 
  • Help promote Annual Workshop & Conference and BCMC attendance to all component manufacturers during the year. 
    • Promote attendance at these functions at each Chapter meeting. 
    • Provide feedback on how we can make attending the Annual Workshop & Conference and BCMC more valuable to all component manufacturers.

Membership Committee Chair Roles & Responsibilities

  • The key responsibilities are as follows: 
    • Talk to staff prior to each meeting to gain a strong working knowledge of the committee agenda 
    • Know what staff work has been done and what the staff plan is for existing tasks. 
    • Be a liaison between staff and the members of the committee. 
  • Help implement membership policy, goals and objectives by mentoring and supporting staff. 
  • Monitor, advise and offer direction concerning key committee activities. 
  • Provide a member's perspective on membership programs and how to best serve members. 
  • Encourage committee members to make calls to current and potential members. 
  • Help strengthen and support Chapters. 
  • Help promote Annual Workshop & Conference and BCMC attendance. 
  • Preside at all meetings of the Membership Committee. 
  • Report at Board meetings on the policy motions of the Membership Committee.