Executive Committee

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Executive Committee Roles & Responsibilities

The Executive Committee shall have full power and authority, to the extent permitted by law, in the government, management and control of the Council and its affairs during the intervals between meetings of the Board of Directors.

President's Roles & Responsibilities

President-Elect's (Treasurer) Roles & Responsibilities

Secretary's Roles & Responsibilities

Executive Director Roles & Responsibilities

  1. Operate a national office for SBCA; 
  2. Maintain SBCA's corporate records, membership files, general files and mailing lists; 
  3. Coordinate the elections of SBCA's officers and directors; 
  4. Attend the meetings of SBCA's Board of Directors and committees and prepare minutes and other resolutions and reports as are required; 
  5. Providing general advice and guidance with respect to the problems, concerns and activities of SBCA; 
  6. Promote growth in SBCA's membership, including development of membership goals, prospect lists and programs; 
  7. Handle all communications from and to members of SBCA; 
  8. Coordinate the publication of SBCA's publications; 
  9. Coordinate SBCA's conferences in selected locations within the United States; 
  10. Provide financial management for SBCA, including maintaining books of account and dues records, preparing financial statements, arranging for an annual audit of SBCA's financial statements at SBCA's expense, preparing a budget, and overseeing the investment of SBCA's funds; 
  11. Analyze and inform SBCA of conditions which may affect the wood truss industry, including new products and services; 
  12. Serve as liaison between SBCA and other industry organizations; 
  13. Write articles on improved operating methods and procedures for publication by SBCA; 
  14. Develop position statements on issues affecting the wood truss industry for dissemination by SBCA; 
  15. Engage in other activities to enhance the technical and economic progress of the wood truss industry as Manager may be directed by SBCA. 
  16. Manage all facets of SBCA's annual tradeshow, the Building Component Manufacturers Conference (BCMC). 
  17. Manage all facets of SBCA's interest in Structural Building Components magazine.