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Thank you for supporting SBCA by serving on its Board of Directors. Now that you are a director or officer, you may find a different point of view and overall outlook taking shape toward your organization and your fellow members. As a working member of the policy-making body of your trade association, it will become apparent that the nature, scope and policies of your organization are shaped by the character of your industry, activity level of your membership, and specific activities engaged in during your tenure in office. SBCA is the largest association in the metal plate connected wood truss industry, and it grows larger in membership and activities undertaken every year! We have reached a size where we are able to provide many programs and membership services that show tangible benefits of being part of this organization.

SBCA, as you know, is a professional trade association representing component manufacturers in the United States and other countries. SBCA is recognized internationally through its representation and liaison with virtually all professional truss- and wood-related societies and organizations. Within the scope of building standards, SBCA is represented on many industry committees. SBCA is also highly active in a cooperative sense with a number of organizations. Click here for links to these organizations’ websites.

As a director of SBCA, your input will be requested on several issues. Therefore, it will be beneficial for you to know your organization and the scope of its activities thoroughly in order to best serve in your important capacity. The following will provide helpful information about past and future activities of SBCA. If you need further information, you are welcomed and encouraged to contact staff at any time.

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